Our process involves a 360 review that helps individuals attain personal goals that revolve around all aspects of life: employment, relationships, travel, health, education, and in becoming more active at home and in the community.


Our process is a holistic approach that helps individuals attain personal goals

Service recipients are supported to live as independently as possible, while always having access to trained staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We employ state-of-the-art technology for evaluation and take care to monitor each individual to ensure that it’s not just the basics, but that ALL their needs are met—medically, socially, spiritually, as well as, residentially.

We learn what is important, what makes individuals happy in their home routine, what activities they enjoy in the community, what constitutes a good day, and what activities and foods are important. Maintaining good health is critical and our person-centered approach includes an invaluable 24/7 on-call nursing staff that is vital in the event of a serious medical concern and also promotes health with ongoing support including medications and medical appointments.

We also assist individuals in obtaining a jobs that focus on their personal interests and skills. We assist them in building resumes, filling out applications, and interviewing potential employers. We also assist with job coaching services after employment is obtained.