It’s a tough, but rewarding job!  Our host home providers are an exceptional team of caring, dedicated, and compassionate people that provide safe, inclusive, and fulfilling home-life opportunities for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

For Current Host Home Providers

If you are a current Host Home Provider for Community Living Alternatives, you can access our password protected page from the button below for forms, policies & procedures, training information and updates.

Host Home Provider Resources

For Prospective Host Home Providers

It’s a great model and each day someone new is looking for a host home, so we’re always taking applications in order to best match the skills and resources available for our service recipients.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a host home provider, following are the basic requirements.


A “Host Home” is a residential program model providing people with developmental disabilities a stable home environment.  The program is designed to allow a person to live with a family or individual without disabilities.  The focus of this model is to get away from constantly changing staff situations.  In essence, the person becomes a member of the family.

Host Home Providers are independent contractors, not employees, with Community Living Alternatives, Inc. (CLA).  As a Host Home Provider, you are required to provide supervision and training to the person in your home.  Training may range from teaching, budgeting, cooking and laundry skills to personal hygiene and behavior coping skills.  Some of the people who are in need of Host Home support may have more intensive needs, such as assistance with mobility, bathing, or toileting.  These needs are addressed through a team of people from various disciplines and backgrounds (Interdisciplinary Team) who have a strong interest in the well being of the person receiving services.  As a Host Home Provider, you and the individual served are members of this team.  All training and involvement with the person(s) in your home must be documented on a daily basis.

Host Home Providers receive payment the first of each month for the service provided during the previous month.  The daily contractual payment is based on an individualized payment structure established by the State of Colorado, Division of Developmental Disabilities and based on an assessment of the needs of the person receiving services.

The daily contract payment to the Host Home Provider will constitute payment for all services rendered by the provider which include:

  • Room and board
  • Respite care
  • Daily support services
  • Transportation
  • Attendance at on-going training classes and meetings.

Host Home Providers may work with up to two individuals with disabilities in their home, depending on the number of bedrooms/bathrooms and the amount of shared space that is available.  Individuals are able to choose their roommates, and a 30-day trial period is required to ensure the Host Home is an appropriate placement for the individual(s) if agreed by entire team.

Minimum Qualifications

The Intake Coordinator, Executive Director, Residential Director, Administrative Director, and Program Manager will evaluate applicants.  To be considered for Host Home Provider or Respite Care Provider, CLA requires that applicants must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Be honest, dependable and caring with good judgment, understanding and patience.
  3. Be a good communicator with organizational skills.
  4. Have a house or apartment, rented or owned. The home must provide the individual(s) with a private bedroom and a private or semiprivate bathroom in accordance with state regulations. The Host Home must also provide common living areas including kitchen, living room, dining room, and an outside yard, which the individual will share with the family. (Persons desiring to provide only respite care in the homes of Host Home Providers may disregard this section and section six below.)
  5. Provide a written proposal (a part of the “Independent Contractor For Residential Service Application” packet) of the physical description of the house, neighborhood, recreational facilities, transportation alternatives, restaurants, grocery stores and any other community resources that are available in the immediate vicinity of the home.
  6. Successfully clear a background check, including criminal history, good driving record and reference checks of former employers and personal references. Applicants who do not have a valid driver’s license may still be considered if another family member does have a valid license and acceptable driving record and is available to transport the individual whenever needed. Other persons over eighteen years of age living in the proposed home must also successfully clear a criminal history check as well as have a good driving record if they plan to assist in transporting individuals living in the home.
  7. Be eligible to work in the developmental disability system in which you would be approved by any Community Centered Board (no substantiated allegations that disqualify you from working in this system).
  8. Complete State “Qualified Medication Administration Personnel” (QMAP) training, First Aid, CPR, Legal Rights, 4.5 Rules and Regulations training in Mistreatment, Abuse and Neglect reporting, and any other CLA required training.
  9. Possess good verbal and written communication skills to communicate with CLA employees, Case Managers, parents or guardians and professionals involved in the individual’s life.
  10.  Carry full insurance coverage on your automobile, which meets the minimum state liability requirements and full home/renter’s insurance which is adequate to cover the possessions of the individual living with you.
  11. Be established and available in order to sign a one-year (or other designated time-frame), renewable contract with CLA.
  12. Own and be able to use a computer with internet service and have all required documentation equipment and supplies needed to care for an individual in your home

To apply:

If you are interested in becoming a Host Home Provider or Respite Provider, please click the link below and complete our online application.

Host Home Provider Application