Each year we try to reflect upon what went well, what was just OK, and what we could do for the upcoming year to make it great.  We’ve learned that insightful reflection often fosters unparalleled success and so we work hard to not just evaluate, but to identify and echo the good, while working to reform those actions and activities where we can improve.

As a result of last year’s strategic planning process, we learned quite a bit; following are our 2015 resolutions…

  • As an agency, become better listeners.  To that end, we plan to continue doing ELPs and task force meetings (with both individuals who receive services, their families and the host home providers) to find out what is important to people, what is working, what we need to change, and how we can continue to adapt and improve our services to meet individual needs.
  • To focus more on the positive outcomes of the agency and provide positive feedback to all of the individuals who make CLA a quality organization.  Most importantly, we pledge to provide more personal kudos, from a simple “pat on the back”, to meaningful recognition and awards.
  • Improve communications – In the upcoming year look for more communication from us through a variety of mediums, including social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and maybe even Twitter, but also through our website and this blog.
  • Expand our fundraising efforts in order to free up more money, so we can provide innovative services and activities that are outside of what Medicaid typically reimburses.
  • We’re committed to reach out to our community’s youth with I/DD.  As a result, we’re actively looking to find avenues to conduct outreach efforts that provide more opportunities for youth with I/DD to be involved with CLA.

We’re optimistic about 2015; our resolutions are dynamic, so stay tuned and most importantly, give us your feedback and ideas, that’s how we create a great 2015!