Each year, our CLASS garden just gets better and better. There are many reasons why our garden and greenhouse have thrived over the years. One reason is the hard work and dedication of our CLASS members and staff who worked hard every week to make sure we had a great harvest and another successful Spring and Summer of gardening.

One of the main reasons our garden continues to be successful is our volunteer Master Gardener, Ken. Ken continues to make time each year to help CLASS members learn about gardening and what it takes to make our garden grow and thrive. In October, CLASS members, CLASS staff and other CLA staff members came together to show our sincere appreciation and to honor Ken for all of the time and assistance he provides. When our members were asked how much they appreciate Ken’s support and guidance, Joannie said, “I like when he helps us plant seeds and helps us in the greenhouse.” Eddie added, “I appreciate him so much!”

How did we honor Ken? The choice was an easy one. CLASS decided to name the greenhouse “Ken’s KlubHouse,” to show just how much we appreciate Ken and all of the work he does and how much support he provides to our members. Ken has been known to come to CLASS on weekends to tend to the garden, and this year, Ken helped our members build raised garden beds to make the garden more accessible to everyone at CLASS. Each year, Ken develops new and exciting ways for our members to enjoy the experience of growing vegetables, flowers and herbs.

We can’t thank Ken enough for everything he does for CLASS and for CLA. In addition to being our volunteer Master Gardener, Ken is also the president of CLA’s Board of Directors, and helps our entire organization grow, thrive, and continue to provide the level of support that people who receive our services have come to expect.

Thank you, Ken! We appreciate everything you do for CLASS and CLA and we couldn’t do it without you!