Community Living Alternatives is located just east of I-225 and north of lliff Avenue in Aurora, Colorado.

14252 East Evans Avenue
Aurora, CO 80014

Phone 1:  303-745-8015
Phone 2:  303-745-0919
Fax: 303-745-1126


CLASS Day Program is located one block east of S. Chambers Rd. and 1/2 block south of E. Mexico Ave.

1770 S. Helena Street
Aurora, CO 80017

Phone: 303-872-3188
Fax: 303-745-1126

Staff at Community Living Alternatives, Inc.

Barbara Kenyon-Mohrlang, Executive Director. Extension 218.

Charles Martinez, Residential Director. Extension 221.

Gregg Wilson, Day Program Director. 303-872-3188.

Taylor Jones, Administrative Director & Human Resources. Extension 227.

Betty Piperato, Controller. Extension 225.

Carmen Matthews, Program Manager, Extension 211.

Rhonda West, Program Manager. Extension 215.

Debi Kerr, Nurse Consultant. Extension 216.

Allison Kennedy, Nurse. Extension 213.

Teresa Bradley, Accounting Technician. Extension 226.

Nancy Abercrombie, Accounting Assistant/Benefits Support. Ext 228.

Linda Watkins, Client Employment Consultant.

Pat Lovett, Job Coach.

Delia Berinde, Day Program Direct Support Staff Lead. 303-872-3188.

Sara Donohue, Day Program Direct Support.303-872-3188.

David Yoder, Day Program Direct Support. 303-872-3188.

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