During the month of April, CLASS members were able to participate in two very special outings. First, members visited the Dr. Seuss Experience and the following week, they were also able to “experience” the exhibits at Meow Wolf – Convergence Station. When asked what she liked best about the Dr. Seuss Experience, Ann said, “I liked all of the lights.” When asked about visiting Meow Wolf, Shane said, “I liked going through the tunnel and then we were able to go way up high.” Cecil added, “I liked how they had art from the past and the present, the special effects and the graphic designs which are futuristic.” Meow Wolf and the Dr. Seuss Experience are very popular, and we at CLASS are very happy that our members were able to participate in these outings. Members talked about both outings for days after their visits. Not only were our members able to share these experiences with their peers, participating in these types of outings gives our members opportunities for community integration and also gives them opportunities to interact with others in the community that they may not normally come in contact with. CLA is very proud to be able to provide fun, diverse, unique, and special outings for our CLASS members.