This Spring, CLASS Day Program made exciting improvements to our garden. In the fall, CLASS received a generous grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation, which allowed us to purchase materials to build 10 raised garden beds. The raised beds will provide easier access to the garden for everyone, especially members who are using wheelchairs and walkers, or members who need support regarding mobility. With the new raised beds and the flowers that are already blooming, the garden is taking shape and is looking great so far. We also have lots of herbs and other plants growing in the CLASS greenhouse. CLASS members work very hard in the garden. This year, each member has a section of a raised bed that they can call their own. Each member was able to decide what they wanted to grow in their section, and they will be able to take whatever they grow home or trade items with their friends at CLASS.

Helping in the CLASS garden gives our members a chance to learn new skills, helps our members feel good, and provides each person with a chance to get outside and get some fresh air. We thank all CLASS members for all of their hard work. We also want to thank our staff and our volunteer Master Gardener, Ken, and CLA board member Shari for the hard work, guidance and support they provide our members to make the garden better every year.