We are very happy and proud to announce, that as of February 23rd, our new CLASS Day Program Building is ready and open for business! All of our attendees are happy to be in our new space, with separate areas for our computer lab, music room, arts & crafts, and a large area to exercise.

We also have a very large back yard, where our attendees can “catch some rays”, exercise, socialize, conduct drum circles, and participate in many other outdoor activities. Although the yard is still a work in progress, we plan to make it awesome and accessible to all program attendees.

Interpersonal, team-based opportunities where our participants are introduced to a wide variety of confidence building, learning experiences and personal skills.

We believe that our new CLASS facility is the kind of place where our people can learn, make new friends, and learn new skills. It is our goal to make our program and facility the kind of place that our attendees will want to come to everyday. We have grown a lot since we began in a conference room at CLA in November 2013, and we are happy to be in our newly renovated building, located one mile from CLA’s main office. We’ve already had some visitors, and all have been impressed with our new facility. Our future is bright, and we believe that the best is yet to come!

Please join us to celebrate the opening of our new day program facility. We’ll have a light lunch, snacks, and facility tours. We’re excited for you to meet our staff and see our stuff.

Download our CLASS Open House Announcement